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Company Shandong Xingmei Decoration Material Co., Ltd Founded in 2004, in the Linyi High-tech Development Zone, Shang Province, there are over 200 collaborators, 65 writing business, It's a thousand square meters, and at most, there's 15 more modern horizontal positions and 8 more modern prints.
The company mainly produces and sells melamine furniture paper, special veneered paper for environmental door panels, door panel paper, balance paper, etc. With an annual production volume of 40 million sheets, 4 feet to 8 feet and various specifications.

2004 Year

The company was founded in


To take up the square

23 Lines

Production Line

200 +

Company employee

The company's product sales rely on the local sheet production base in Linyi and are sold to all major cities in China and international markets (Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe, etc.). Over the past ten years, our company has adhered to the principle of survival through quality, development through scientific and technological innovation, compliance with contracts and fulfillment of promises, and our production and activities have developed rapidly. There are Xingmei products all over the country and even in other countries, "Xingmei decorative paper" has become a big name in the industry. We will be high quality products and impeccable service for sincere friends from all walks of life to carry out extensive cooperation, and jointly create a better future!

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