Knowledge of common furniture paper

What is furniture paper? This question can be seen literally as a kind of paper used to decorate furniture, belonging to the category of decorative paper.
So what is decorative paper? According to Baidu, decorative paper is placed under the surface paper in the product structure, mainly serving as a decorative function to provide decorative patterns and to prevent the infiltration of underlying glue.
It also mentions surface paper, so what is the advantage of surface paper? Surface paper is surface paper, which is surface paper. "I won't explain the word" surface "anymore, otherwise I won't be able to finish this article by tomorrow.".
Furniture paper requires good covering power because it needs to completely cover previous colors or images. Then there should be impregnation and printing performance. At the same time, it is required that the surface of the furniture paper be smooth, have good absorption and adaptability, and have a uniform tone for the background color, and a bright color for the color.
Decorative paper is not only used in furniture, but also in low pressure and high pressure boards used in some cabinets, as well as fireproof boards and floors. Decorative paper is also used to create different effects.