How to paste wood grain paper?

Wood grain paper, also known as Poly paper, is a kind of decorative paper for the skin. Its raw material is generally wood pulp kraft paper. Due to its high strength, it is mostly used for the exterior decoration or trimming of panel furniture and office furniture. Other uses include: plastic packaging, cigarette and alcohol packaging, plastic calendars, decorative paintings, and so on.
Wood grain paper has a wide range of uses due to its high strength and low price. The pattern of wood grain paper is printed in imitation of tree grain, with a thickness of 0.5~1.0mm. It is not only lifelike, but also has a smooth and glossy surface for easy cleaning.  
To attach wood grain paper well, first of all, clean the contact surface between the paper and the furniture to ensure that there are no burrs or oil stains. After applying the adhesive, wait for a moment (the time varies depending on the environment, which depends on the experience of daily practice. Generally, it is not necessary to wait until the adhesive is sticky, but the adhesive force is relatively large). Use a cylinder to roll the paper evenly, gently place it on one end of the adhesive paper, and firmly press it while driving towards the other end, After the entire sheet of paper has been glued, use a glue roller to drive out the bubbles sticking to the bottom of the paper, and wait for the glue to dry thoroughly.