What is the difference between PVC stickers and melamine stickers in furniture surface decoration materials?

1. The difference between PVC stickers and melamine stickers is that melamine has a far better fire resistance and abrasion resistance than PVC, but melamine can only be used as a flat plate, and it also requires edge banding and closing, while PVC mulch can be used to create shapes such as circular arcs and concavities, with many changes.
2. PVC stickers are stickers made of PVC material that are used to beautify and decorate items that need to be decorated, such as car stickers, refrigerator stickers, wall stickers, etc.
Melamine, commonly known as melamine or albumen, is an organic compound used as a chemical raw material. It is a white monoclinic crystal, almost odorless, slightly soluble in water (3.1 g/L normal temperature), soluble in methanol, formaldehyde, acetic acid, etc., insoluble in acetone, ether, harmful to the body, and cannot be used for food processing or food additives.